Guatemalan Spirits is a Carbon Neutral Corporation

As of May of 2021, Guatemalan Spirits celebrates that its entire productive chain, as well as its experience and distribution centers have become Carbon Neutral. Guatemalan Spirits has been awarded this certification by SGS, guaranteeing that the measurement, reduction and compensation process meets the requirements of the Carbon Neutral protocol as established by the ISO 14064:2006 global standard.

Luis Ibáñez, Guatemalan Spirits CEO, explained: “We are a Carbon Neutral Corporation because we account for, and neutralize our greenhouse effect gases. Managing this measurement validates our commitment to the environment and our focus in ensuring sustainable practices within our corporation”. To ensure carbon dioxide emissions are equivalent to zero, it is necessary to put in place action plans to reduce, compensate and offset emissions generated by all company operations.

Due to the dedication in the caring and conservation of the company´s forests by Foresa, part of the Guatemalan Spirits corporation, as well as the rubber trees plantations, natural reserves and clean energy production processes in the Tululá Sugar Mill, Guatemalan Spirits can self-mitigate its carbon footprint without the need to purchase carbon credits. These forests, located in over 4,500 hectares across Guatemala enable Guatemalan Spirits to offset over 60,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, generating a positive balance that exceeds the total emissions generated in all its business units by more than 50%.

The term “Carbon Neutral Corporation” is now increasingly more important to consumers around the world. It is one of the most important courses of action that a company can adopt to fight climate change. “So far, close to 77 countries and more than 100 cities in the world have committed to reducing greenhouse effect gases, and Guatemalan Spirits feels proud to join this global effort” said Alexandra Alfaro, Global Marketing Director.

Having over 1,800,000 trees in different geographic points of the country makes self-mitigation of its carbon footprint by Guatemalan Spirits possible. “We feel proud to make a positive contribution to a global agenda that is the future for many but already a reality for us” Alfaro added. To commit to a business philosophy in favor of carbon neutrality gives corporations a robust opportunity for differentiation and competitiveness. Guatemalan Spirits is proud to reiterate its commitment to the environment, continuing to prioritize its sustainability principles in all fronts.

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