Our story started with


They made one eye-opening journey, from sunny Spain to glorious Guatemala. And in 1940, they founded Botran. A rum with a distinctive attitude.

One as vivid as our sugar cane juice and as colorful as our land. It helped us become the first sustainable rum in the world. And it continues to push us as we fill every glass with the bright and vibrant spirit of Guatemalan rum.

Appellation of Origin

Our Guatemalan Home

Our land makes it
Our climate shapes it
Our methods transform it
And our rum is one of a
Guatemalan kind


We want to give the world a taste of the freedom, rhythm and vitality we feel here. We grow, ferment and distil our cane in the rich green fields of Retalhuleu.

Then we age our rums in the mountains of Quetzaltenango, perfect conditions for letting our unique, Dynamic Ageing System shine.

Finally we bottle our rums in Mixco, near Guatemala City, creating a rum that’s the true product of Guatemala.


It’s why we’ve been awarded
Protected Designation of Origin
And we’re proud to make our rums entirely in Guatemala.

We’re the first


in the world.

Guatemala is our energy, our mother, our power.

And we want to keep it that way. So, we took action.



We got the title of the world’s first sustainable rum from the ISCC,
across every part of the rum journey.

We are


self mitigating our Carbon Footprint.

+1.8 million trees planted and
grown since 1977.


Aged but

Completely New

Life looks different at 2,300m above sea level.

Casa Botran in the Quetzaltenango highlandsis where we age our rums at a cool average temperature of 14˚C.

With 5% of our rums lost in the Angel’s share every year, it’s the perfect place for slow, high-altitude ageing.

We don’t sit still.


Adapted from the Solera System, our Dynamic Ageing System is made from unique columns of stacked casks.

Over time we transfer the liquid from one cask to the next to push the flavour to full volume.

The sweetest part

is that we don’t add sugar

Botran rums are different.

Made from pure, raw, concentrated sugarcane.

Concentrated Juice
(virgin honey), not molasses.

Natural not processed.

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